About Us

We are a non-profit performing arts group 
that focuses on taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ and
bringing it to life on a theatrical stage.
Many of us have been performing together for over 7 years. What
started as a group of individuals from one
local church, and performed at that church for 3 years, has
turned into a full blown drama group with
17 different churches represented in our cast and stage
hands in the 2011 Easter drama season. 
Our first 2 years on our own, 2009-2010, 
we performed a passion drama/musical called
Through the Eyes of Peter at the Blue Gate
Restaurant Theater, in Shipshewana Indiana. 
We then took what we had learned in the last several years and
streamlined and created a phenominal drama called,
Peter: The ROCK!
Our 2011 Easter drama season, our 6th year, and the first year using our new script, we had the fortune of
changing venues to the old Goshen Theater aka The 808.
Starting in 2012 we found a 'permanent' home and co-partnership with Essenhaus
in a ground breaking new theater venue on the Essenhaus campus!
We recently added to this one show we performed each year, and we are
working on five other scripts to add even more to our
repetoir of shows, all to be performed at the Essenhaus campus.